Evernote + GTD = Getting Things Done

I’ve been through David Allen’s book, ‘Getting Things Done,’ as much because I needed to as I simply wanted to. I’m always seeking a more efficient way to handle the enormous amount of data and information I collect on a daily basis. The same wonderful products, such as smart phones, that are designed to make us more efficient also add another medium that rifles more and more information at us at breakneck speeds. Like most of us, I am constantly being pounded with information from all aspects of life that don’t always fit neatly on a to-do list or on a calendar. Consider the website you just came across that may have the exact product or service you’ve been looking for. You want to review it but not necessarily at that particular moment in the day. Or what about the email from a client that you need to respond to, but not while you’re walking into the grocery store. Then on top of work related information, you add home related information like the list of items you need to grab at the grocery store on your way or maybe you forget that you need to stop altogether.

How do we handle this information overload? If you’re like me it’s a combination of a checklist on my iPhone, a laundry list of website bookmarks on my computer than another on my phone, a note pad I carry with me for writing notes from meetings, and whatever else I can come with in the heat of the moment not excluding the back of a napkin.

Well I can report that you and I are not the only ones rummaging through our notebooks hoping to find where we wrote down that piece of information we didn’t need two weeks ago, but do right now. Without getting into the details of David Allen’s book, his method of handling day-to-day information overload has worked very well for thousands of people and I encourage you to read it if you have not yet. His methods teach us to COLLECT > PROCESS > ORGANIZE > REVIEW > DO. Seems simple enough. But in this day in age, information is being collect on various formats at incredible rates of speed. Paper, email, websites, voice mails, etc. So when I came across the company and product, ‘Evernote’, I felt like there was finally real hope. I’ve taken a pretty hard look at ‘Evernote’ and its feature-rich online and offline product which appear to work well with the ‘GTD’ methodology. It doesn’t go without some minor setup and a little practice, but what I’ve found is that ‘Evernote’ may be the perfect vehicle for really ‘Getting Things Done’.

In this video I’ll show you how I’ve setup my ‘Evernote’ system to provide a basis for handling all of my life’s information. Obviously we all have different needs, but the basic system I’m going to show you will at least get you up and running combining ‘Evernote’ and ‘Getting Things Done’.

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