#1 On Google! (Updated)

Update 1/31/2011 – I realized today that for some unknown reason, different web browsers are displaying Google search results differently. Let me re-phrase that… I use Google Chrome (on my laptop) and “it” displays Google search results slightly differently. Over the last few days I began to notice that a Google search for “nremt study guides” was showing my site NREMTStudyGuides.com #1 and EMSSuccess.com #4 when I was using my laptop, but when I checked my search phrase on my iPhone, the results were slightly different. EMSSuccess.com was coming up #3 and NREMTStudyGuides.com was coming up #5. I figured it was an iPhone thing. Today I check the search phrase on IE and Firefox and sure enough, it’s Google Chrome that is the odd ball. I have no idea why this is the case, but regardless, all of the history I’ve been tracking is based on the same web browser, Google Chrome so I’m still very pleased with the results. - end of update.

Yahoo!!! No… wait… Goooooogle!!! My efforts have finally paid off. Over the last couple months I’ve been using a strategic method I’ve learned to get my sites ranked high on the first page of Google in a relatively saturated niche market. Although at least two of my sites have been on the first page of Google for a month or so and gradually moving their way up, today one of my sites hit the top spot, numero uno, #1 baby! Here is a picture…

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The really sweet part is that by using these same methods that I’m beginning to teach others, I actually have more than one of my sites ranking in the top 5 in 4 different key phrases. As you know, this is Google we’re talking about and things may be different tomorrow, but I’ve been pushing these sites up in the rankings gradually and I’ve finally got one to the top, at least for the day.

Here is a breakdown of my search phrases and where my sites (EMSSuccess.com, NREMTStudyGuides.com, ParamedicStudyGuides.com) are ranked as of today, Jan. 28th, 2011.

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As cool as that is, I’m still striving to have two sites taking both the #1 and #2 spots of each of my key search phrases. It can be tough to keep pushing, but it’s accomplishments like this that make it worth it.

If you have any questions or know of anyone that would like help getting there site on the 1st page of Google, please fill out my ‘Contact Jim‘ form.

Talk to you soon!


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